Whats in the box

FlashGear uses ONLY top grade materials in the construction of the uppers of each style in every collection we offer, as well as TOP QUALITY ELECTRONICS in the development of its LED unit bottoms (sole). This is EXTREMELY important to you- our most valued customer. The performance of the LED bottom is extremely important to you in making the ultimate purchase of your LED shoes. FlashGear knows that you expect your shoes to last and perform seamlessly with the brightest lights available. FlashGear has introduced its own proprietary technology called, “Vivid Ultra Boost” in the development and production of its advanced LED sole to produce the most highly VIVID, most reliable, high performance color amplification available on the market. Period.

Our uppers are made of full grain leather for long lasting life and vivid color retention. Simply the best quality materials and styles, hands down- upper and LED bottom. We stand head and shoulders above the competition and stand behind EVERY PAIR.

  • FlashGear uses its own proprietary technology called “Vivid Ultra Boost” in the production of its advanced LED sole and 16 ultra bright, fine tuned LED diodes to produce the most highly vivid LED color amplification available.
  • Uppers are made of full grain leather for lasting life and vivid color retention.
  • Full cloth lining – 100% antimicrobial and allergy resistant.
  • FlashGear’s design team is extremely focused on paying strict attention to every detail in the design of its finished product.
  • FlashGear uses only top grade, cutting edge electronic components and materials in developing and delivering its “gold standard” finished product to our most valued customer base worldwide.

With over 30 years of experience in the footwear industry, FlashGear’s executive team, product design, research and development, marketing and branding teams continue to design, develop and produce the “gold standard” of the LED footwear industry.

FlashGear is committed to providing its customers top quality, highly reliable, dependable “gold standard” products and cutting edge styling to its highly valued customer base. Our customers need to be able to rely on our LED footwear’s performance in the field. It is our commitment to make sure to deliver our advanced, dependable “Vivid Ultra Boost” technology in every pair we sell, backed by the absolute best customer support that you have ever experienced.

From providing our advanced LED product to the music industry (EDM, Hip Hop, Rock Stars and fans) to major social media influencers and celebrities, you can expect top performance, styling, quality, value and most importantly- the CONFIDENCE to know that when you purchase your first pair of FlashGear Lights, you will be not only on the cutting edge of fashion- but you will have the most RELIABLE LED product available with a company that stands behind EACH AND EVERY pair we sell.

Here at FlashGear headquarters in Boston, MA we realize that our greatest asset is YOU, our loyal customers all over the world. If you have a question or comment about the purchase of your new FlashGear kicks or you are a returning valued customer, please feel free to write us directly. We love to hear your comments and see your photos/videos and take them very seriously, so keep them coming!

Please feel free to send any and all comments/suggestions and feedback directly to support@flashgear. We love to hear from you!