• APP CONTROLLED – Your Fire Raptor shoes are 100% controlled by our proprietary cell phone app and are iPhone and Android compatible. App will be available on Google Play and Apple App store.
  • CHOOSE YOUR OWN COLORS – Our color wheel allows you to choose from over 256K different colors! Adjust the brightness to match any outfit or any mood!
  • SYNC MULTIPLE PAIRS – Our App allows you and your crew to simultaneously change colors and flash modes TOGETHER for AMAZING routines and choreography!
  • ANIMATED LED LIGHTS AND FLASH MODES – Your Fire Raptor’s phone app allows you to choose from TWELVE (12) Flash Modes, including spinning rainbow, reverse rainbow, chasing color modes and more!
  • SOUND RESPONSIVE – Your Fire Raptor phone app allows your shoes to pulse to the beat of any external music, DJ or band with ANY color you choose from our 256K color wheel!
  • SYNC – Your Fire Raptors can be synched to ANY music from your phone’s library and flash or pulse to the beat!
  • USB RECHARGEABLE – Your Fire Raptors are 100% rechargeable and can be charged by your wall outlet, laptop or on the fly with a portable charger or from your car’s USB charging port!
  • EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE – One charge offers up to 10 hours of Vivid Ultra Boost glow time with our enhanced long life battery!
  • PROPRIETARY MATERIALS – Your Fire Raptors are built to last and made from the most unique, hand made light refracting upper material and only TOP QUALITY ELECTRONICS and LED strips so you can go hard!
  • LIMITED EDITION ACOUSTIC CASE – All pairs come with a prestige acoustic foam lined carrying case for optimal storage & protection.
  • GUARANTEE/WARRANTY – Backed by our 30-Day Warranty and 30 day return policy.
  • SIZING – Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes from 4 -13

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