Sidewinder - Neon Blue Bomb
Sidewinder - Neon Blue Bomb FlashGear-Sidewinder-Neon-Blue-Bomb FlashGear-Sidewinder-Neon-Blue-Bomb FlashGear-Sidewinder-Neon-Blue-Bomb FlashGear-Sidewinder-Neon-Blue-Bomb

Sidewinder – Neon Blue Bomb



Pre-Order Only – Delivery Date 5/15

Get your groove on with the Sidewinder ™ featuring:

  • LAZER ™ LED SOLES featuring VIVID ULTRA BOOST technology with proprietary, high-density, fiber optic “web” allowing for brighter, more intense light displays, even in daylight.
  • 7 sensational LED colors: Bomb Black, Tight White, Big Bad Burgundy, Neon Poppin Pink, Neon Blue Bomb, Neon Awesome Orange and Neon Mean Green
  • Dynamic Charging Technology ™ enables a full, rapid recharge for roughly 6 hours of uninterrupted illumination via our external USB HYPER PORT.
  • ACTIVATOR ™ button allows for easy access to all LED light control features including on/off, color selection and patterns.
  • Patented SUPER-HONEYCOMB construction in the foot bed of every shoe provides for the lightest, strongest, most supportive, long-lasting LED shoes on the market.
  • Backed by our 30-Day Warranty and 30 day return policy
  • Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes from 5-13

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M-4 I W-6, M-5 I W-7, M-6 I W-8, M-7 I W-9, M-8 I W-10, M-9 I W-11, M-10 I W-12, M-11, M-12, M-13